17 Parents Who Handled Their Kids Coming Out Like Parents Should

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  • 2021-10-13 23:19:35Z
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1.This dad, who tried to be relatable:

2.This adorable brother text:

3.This proud mother:

4.This quiz-ready dad:

5.This mother, who wrote their 13-year-old son a touching letter of acceptance.

\"Dad and I love you very much.
\"Dad and I love you very much.  

6.And this dad, who did the same, preemptively:

7.This father's cute gesture:

8. This mom, who treated coming out like it was a casual convo:

9.This mom, who had a great response:


10. This mom and son's iconic TikTok:

11.These parents who were just good listeners:

12.This father, who had a beautifully honest conversation with his queer son:

13.This dad, who handled everything great:

 Via Twitter: @sino_babyy
Via Twitter: @sino_babyy  

14.And same with this dad:

15.Oh, and this dad, too:

16.This dad who was hilariously relieved:

17.And lastly, this father who sent this email:

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 Olivia Ott/BuzzFeed
Olivia Ott/BuzzFeed  

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