1969 Dodge Charger Tries On Modern Style

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  • 2023-02-07 21:15:12Z
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Hellcat engine, great interior, and a shaved body, this car really took all of the attention at the show.

Dodge really knocked it out of the park with the Dodge Charger as it combined some of the best qualities of a true muscle car with an engine unlike any other. As you might expect, the name attached to the vehicle was pretty spot on too as it conveyed an image of a violent force ripping through its opponents with style and speed. This made the Charger one of the most ideal platforms for custom classic car builders around the globe. One such vehicle that has recently been getting a lot of attention is a seemingly glowing red example with lots of modern features and an engine unlike almost anything else you'll see from its time.

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Under the hood is a very new age sort of powertrain with what looks like a Hellcat supercharged V8 engine poking its beautiful head out of the engine bay. It's unclear exactly what transmission the builders were running but the Charger Hellcat comes with an eight-speed automatic which is just an absolute beast. Typically, that would pretty much be the deciding factor for a fully specced restomod and its place on the totem pole. However, there are a lot of other cool things about the car which really make it stand out to the crowd gathering to see it.

One such option is that it is totally shaved which means that everything from door handles to mirrors had been taken off the car's body. Behind the hood of the car you might expect to find a cowl or rainguard of some kind but what the audience is instead treated to is so much cooler. Following the same stripped down and modern/sleek look, the cowl area was molded with the body work to follow the natural hood-line better. Overall, this is a very stylish automobile with a lot to offer in the looks, interior, and performance department and, while it's sort of hard to see in the video, we'll hopefully start seeing a lot more of this one.


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