7 Best Side Gigs To Help With Rising Rent

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  • 2022-10-01 19:00:28Z
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With the cost of rent skyrocketing, more people are looking for additional ways to make ends meet. GOBankingRates recently surveyed renters to see what they are doing to combat the rising cost of rent, and over 18% responded that they were "working a side job or hustle."

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Just what kind of work are renters willing to do in order to make extra income? It depends on the person's skill set. Whether you decide to drive for a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft, get paid to shop, or use your social media know-how, there is always money to be made.

So, if the increased cost of living has you pinching pennies each month, consider the seven best side gigs to help with rising rent.

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adamkaz / Getty Images  

Driver for a Rideshare Company

  • Estimated pay: $30,000 per year depending on how much, where and when you drive

  • Earnings can vary greatly, depending on demand

  • Can drive people or deliver food

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have taken the transportation industry by storm. According to Indeed, the average Uber driver makes around $28,554 per year.

Earnings can vary greatly depending on when you work and how often you drive. Surge pricing can help you get the biggest bang for your buck since drivers can earn more during high demand. Today, there is more flexibility than ever with the addition of Uber Eats and other food delivery services, as well.

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Mystery Shopper

  • Estimated pay: $23 per hour

  • Little to no qualifications required

If you have one too many points on your driving record or have little desire to transport people around town, you may consider becoming a mystery shopper instead. Mystery shoppers can make around $23 per hour and can choose their assignments.

Read about the best mystery shopping companies to work for and how to avoid scams.

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Group4 Studio / Getty Images  

Dog Walker

  • Estimated pay: $15 per hour

  • Salary depends on where you live and whether you work for a company

  • Work is typically rain or shine

For animal lovers, dog walking is a dream gig. You get paid for playing with your furry friends. Payscale estimates that dog walkers make around $15.17 per hour, but that rate could differ depending on the state.

Once you have established a solid client base, the sky is the limit for how much you can make. The only drawback is that the job does require some physicality so that you aren't being pulled down the sidewalk if the pup sees a squirrel.

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Steve Debenport / Getty Images  


  • Estimated pay: $18.37 per hour

  • A large variety of subjects to choose from

  • Looks good on a resume

Whether you are fluent in a foreign language or a whiz at math, you should be putting those skills to good use. Parents hoping to give their kids an edge are willing to pay top dollar. As reported by Payscale, on average a tutor makes $18 per hour, but a unique or in-demand skillset will help you increase your asking rate.

El Nariz / Shutterstock.
El Nariz / Shutterstock.  

Personal Assistant

  • Estimated pay: $795 per week

  • Virtual and in-person options

  • May involve a wide range of tasks

If you are well-organized and eager to please, working as a personal assistant may be the perfect job to help you earn some extra cash. ZipRecruiter estimates that personal assistants make $795 per week or $20 per hour on average. The best part? Many personal assistant positions are now offered virtually, meaning you can work from anywhere.

andresr / iStock.
andresr / iStock.  

Social Media Manager

  • Estimated pay: $21.25 per hour.

  • Positions may include health and retirement benefits

  • Requires specific skills

If you have social media savvy, then you might want to consider a part-time position as a social media manager. Companies, eager to compete in a crowded field, are seeking help reaching the newest generation of customers.

Indeed notes that the average base salary is $21.35 per hour for social media managers in the U.S. The good thing is that many of these positions can be done remotely and may include health benefits.

LanaStock / iStock.
LanaStock / iStock.  

Babysitter (or House Sitter or Pet Sitter)

  • Estimated pay: $10 to $20 per hour

  • Must be trustworthy

  • Must love dogs or kids, depending on the job

If you enjoy taking care of other people's kids, pets or things, you can earn a decent amount of money babysitting, pet sitting or house sitting for friends and neighbors. Sitters can expect to make somewhere between $10 to $20 per hour depending on where they are located and what they are expected to do.

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