Akron councilwoman Tara Mosley calls Emilia Sykes advocate for domestic violence victims

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  • 2022-10-04 10:11:31Z
  • By Akron Beacon Journal

If we want our government to provide public safety without sacrificing social justice, we need more leaders like Emilia Sykes - the former minority leader of the Ohio House who is running to represent the 13th Congressional District. In her time as a state representative, Sykes has struck the exact right balance. She supports reforming Ohio's bail laws, which previously did more to punish poverty than crime. At the same time, she has worked relentlessly to protect Ohio's victims of domestic abuse.

Despite these efforts, Sykes is being unfairly attacked by ads - paid for by the Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican super PAC - claiming that, under her plan, "most domestic violence abusers must be released." This deceptive ad is nothing more than a cynical attempt to tarnish Sykes' reputation by distorting her record.

Sadly, this type of dishonesty is all too common in politics. But, on the issue of domestic violence especially, the stakes are too high to let shadowy outside political groups mislead Ohio voters.

I am a survivor of domestic violence. I know how the terror of sharing your home with your abuser makes your life not your own. I know how the violence muffles your voice. But I also know that, with the right support, you can get your life back. And, with the right advocate, you can get your voice back.

Sykes is that advocate. In the Ohio House, Sykes co-sponsored Aisha's Law, which, if passed by the Senate, will not only provide additional protections for victims of domestic abuse - such as expanded access to courts to get temporary emergency protections - but will also provide more funds to train law enforcement on how to recognize the signs of abuse.

Sykes also supported creation of an Ohio violent offender database and supported legislation protecting the private information of the survivors of domestic violence.

Her record on this issue is excellent. So, if you believe, as I do, that Congress needs strong advocates for victims of domestic abuse, then there is no better candidate to cast your ballot for than Sykes.

Tara L. Mosley represents Ward 5 on Akron City Council.

Democratic Ohio Rep.
Democratic Ohio Rep.  

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: Akron councilwoman Tara Mosley backs Emilia Sykes for Congress


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