Charge dropped in daycare pot case

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  • 2022-08-18 20:09:00Z
  • By Journal Inquirer, Manchester, Conn.

Aug. 18-GLASTONBURY - Thanks to DNA testing and a history of clean drug tests, a criminal charge has been dropped against a Glastonbury man whose 3-year-old daughter showed up at daycare with a bag of marijuana in her lunchbox last year.

Andre Christopher Lefrancois, 31, of 214 Shoddy Mill Road, had been charged with risk of injury to a child in the incident.

The charge was nolled this week in Manchester Superior Court, records show.

Staff members at Our Children's Place at 30 Quarry Road found the bag of marijuana in the girl's lunchbox on June 10, 2021, police said when Lefrancois was arrested a year ago.

Lefrancois' lawyer, Mark L. Goodman of New Haven, said Wednesday that, at his request, the state Forensic Science Laboratory did DNA testing on the bag that contained the marijuana. He said the testing found so much DNA that it wasn't possible to make an identification.

Moreover, Goodman said, Lefrancois had been taking drug tests in connection with his job, which had come back negative.

With that information, Goodman said, he convinced the prosecutor that Lefrancois wasn't the person who put the marijuana in the lunchbox.

"His reputation is important to him," Goodman said of Lefrancois.

Lefrancois was free on $5,000 bond while the case was in court.

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