Did Kim Kardashian really deserve that crypto fine?


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This week was a weird one for crypto, as reality TV superstar Kim Kardashian was one of the first celebrities to get an SEC fine for promoting a cryptocurrency in a social media #ad; we also had to about Dogecoin rallying on Elon's recommitment to the Twitter deal.

Listen to the fill episode below:

Welcome to Chain Reaction, where we unpack and explain the latest in crypto news, drama and trends, breaking things down block by block for the crypto curious. 

For our Thursday episode, where we discuss the latest in crypto news, we had a long conversation about whether Kim Kardashian really deserved that $1.26 million fine that she got from the SEC for advertising an unregistered security, in this case a token called EthereumMax. We also discussed:

  • Crypto happenings surrounding Elon Musk's renewed bid for Twitter and how crypto markets are responding.

  • The dropping amount of crypto being lost to hacks, thefts and accidents and how that's a good signal for the space.

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