Dodge Hellcat Redeye Races Charger Police Car

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  • 2021-10-10 16:00:00Z
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You don't see the cops on the track every day…

The video we've included of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye racing a Dodge Charger Pursuit police car from the Colorado State Patrol is definitely unique. While both are Mopars with Hemi V8s, they are incredibly different cars designed to serve in different ways. We also know you're probably like us and truly have wondered just how fast these cop cars are, so here's your chance to see how one throws down in the quarter mile.

You'll note something odd about this race: neither car lights up the tires before lining up. It looks like the Redeye is about to, but then the trooper doesn't. Maybe the Hellcat Redeye driver wanted to keep things fair, but if both have the opportunity to heat up the rear tires and one doesn't take it, maybe to avoid getting in trouble with his superiors, we don't see anything wrong with the other guy taking full advantage.

image credit: YouTube
image credit: YouTube  

The old saying that you can't outrun the radio isn't always true, but it's good cops have those in their cars. After seeing this Dodge Charger Pursuit get absolutely trounced by the Hellcat Redeye, which ran the quarter mile in a respectable 12.275 seconds at 119.38 mph versus a Honda Civic-like 16.533 seconds at 86.71 mph it's understandable why we see so many chases with Hellcats go the way they do. As long as the fleeing driver doesn't wreck out or run out of gas, they can often get away. Just keep in mind the police will eventually catch up with them, so even though these guys might get away at first, they don't stay out of jail forever.

Oh, and the second race is even more pathetic with the Redeye driver clearly holding back. Such a disappointment.

To be honest, we think the Charger Pursuit can whip through the quarter mile better than this. There's little to no evidence the state trooper is pushing his car in the least, for whatever reason. In a lot of ways, the results just leave us with more questions.

Check out the video for yourself.


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