Facing 2022 Crises, New Lights Shine to Empower Citizens, National Charity Unveils Food and Housing Relief

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Facing 2022 Crises, New Lights Shine to Empower Citizens, National Charity Unveils Food and Housing Relief

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FAIRFAX, Va., Dec. 27, 2021

FAIRFAX, Va., Dec. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Mandate Democracy® Foundation announces programs to bring Hope this Holiday season to Citizens facing budget dilemmas, evictions, and foreclosures as our Nation confronts waves of inflation and unaffordable necessities compounded by COVID-19.

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"Food and housing punctuate our mission to create a new Participatory Direct Democracy™," Les Fettig, Managing Director, explained.

Loaves of Bread Relief™

Participants can reduce the cost of food supplies by 30% on average under Mandate's grocery wholesaler agreement, offering comfort to families at budgetary breaking points.

Room at the Inn Relief™

Mandate interventions seek to forestall dispossessions with customized bridge loans and refinance options, bringing hope for families facing upheavals as support programs expire or fall short.

How to Qualify for Relief Programs:

To become a Mandate Democracy Citizen™, applications can come from individuals, or from Civic and Faith-based groups sponsoring them. To engage relief see terms and procedures at: https://MandateDemocracy.org/Shafts-of-Light

The Mandate Mission:

Mandate empowers Citizenship, Individuals, and their Communities in two ways:

  • Referendum Voting on Policies & Budget Priorities, Votes that Matter-No matter Who's Elected™, independent online universal suffrage by constituents.

  • Democracy Citizenship Community Centers for equitable social and environmental sustainability, partnering with local government, builder-developers, Smart Cities technology, universities, and private finance.

With Recall Referenda, Mandate Democracy incentivizes officials to be accountable to super-majority demands of their constituents, cutting through prevailing politics of special interest money, parties, and poison propaganda messaging.

"Darkness always gives way to Light. Nobody's coming to save us. We're all Americans, not labeled factions. We stand up on our hind legs," Fettig said. "We the People are the Third Party. Join us to give the People a new voice, and remedy our immediate needs for food and housing now, in this season of giving."

Mandate Democracy Foundation is a certified National Charity (#23056) for Societal Benefit, Combined Federal Campaign. Nonpartisan 501(c)(3) headquartered at George Mason University, 200+ representatives engaged in 35 states, approved by 260+ universities.

Hon. Lester A. Fettig served as a U.S. Senate Chief Counsel & Staff Director; Senate-confirmed, Executive Office of the President; International Fortune 100 technology business; and Public Affairs journalism. Managed legislation and investigations leading to criminal convictions. Caltech Applied Science, systems engineering graduate work.

Media Contact: Carson Fowler - carson.fowler@mandatedemocracy.org

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