Fox's Jesse Watters Endorses Joe Biden, Sort Of

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  • 2023-02-09 02:16:05Z
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Fox News
Fox News  

Co-hosts of the Fox News roundtable show The Five reacted Wednesday to President Joe Biden's State of the Union address, with Jesse Watters saying he appreciates the president if only for "keeping a lid on crazy" coming from his left flank.

Watters' remark was prompted after Jeanine Pirro mentioned Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders' rebuttal to the address, in which the former Trump administration press secretary depicted the political divide as whether Americans should want "normal or crazy."

"She really made it clear that this isn't a difference of opinion on something that we've always argued about," Pirro said. "This is a whole new structure that the woke people are trying to impose on us."

Greg Gutfeld first had his say: "The contrast - normal versus crazy - is real," he said before fretting about topics associated with transgender people.

"Men with penises declaring they are women is crazy, right?" he said. "Children encouraged to put off puberty, a biological inevitability that we all go through, is crazy. Children encouraged to lop off healthy organs: crazy. Nonbinary teachers intruding into the private and personal lives of children who don't understand the terminology - that is crazy and it's dangerous."

Watters then weighed in about Sanders' framing. While it's "good," he said, "you have to define what normal is."

"What are the principles of western civilization that you want to maintain and continue on to have a prosperous and healthy society where people can become their true selves?" Watters asked. "Biden is the only thing keeping a lid on crazy in this country."

The Fox host then claimed that progressive Democrats are antsy to move on from Biden even though "he's got jobs numbers like crazy" and his party outperformed expectations in the midterm elections.

"They can't wait to pack the court, to nuke the filibuster," he said, fearing that they're also intent on "sex change operations for everybody."

"It's a toxic brew of communism and [critical race theory] and trans-mania," Watters exclaimed. "Thank God we have Joe Biden right here because the minute he leaves, it's going to be bonkers."

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