Good service comes with a price; Putin was smart to act when he did: Letters, Oct. 2, 2022

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Providing, maintaining high levels of service to county comes with a price

We're blessed to live in Martin County. With low density and a high quality of life, beautiful beaches and rivers, we are blessed. When it comes to county government services, we have well-maintained parks and excellent public safety, emergency personnel and equipment.

Providing and maintaining high levels of service, however, come with a price. I aimed to make this point while speaking during public comment for the first time since my retirement, at the Sept. 13 County Commission hearing for the Rural Lifestyle amendment. My 35 years of tenure with Martin County government was assembling and presenting budgets, each year hoping that the increased tax base would be enough to cover operational increases we could not absorb. Every budget had the challenge to maintain a constant tax rate, only raising the rate when an additional or expanded service was proposed.

Martin County is fortunate to serve as home to many people who've achieved a great deal of success in life. In addition to Jupiter Island, there are other wealthy communities that contribute a significant portion of the county's ad valorem taxes. Fewer residents paying more of the freight translates into high-quality services we enjoy at tax levels that would be much higher otherwise.

Discovery Land Company's Atlantic Fields using the Rural Lifestyle land use will be another community that will generate a significant amount of taxes requiring very little in county services. The 317 units, most likely occupied about half the year, are estimated at buildout to generate $20 million in annual tax revenue which is very conservative as I anticipate we'll see these homes average around $9 million apiece, generating even higher annual revenues.

This will go a long way not just in balancing the county's annual budget but maintaining essential services. That's something every taxpayer can appreciate.

Taryn Kryzda, Palm City

In the proposed Atlantic Fields project, the historic Hobe Sound Train Station building would be moved closer to its original location in downtown.
In the proposed Atlantic Fields project, the historic Hobe Sound Train Station building would be moved closer to its original location in downtown.  

Volunteers who transport locals to appointments for free create miracles

I'm compelled to thank the Volunteers of Vero Beach, who drive many of us to and from doctor appointments for either no charge or a donation.

Many of us could not live independently  without these "Earth angels." Thank you, April and your team. Bravo to all involved in this, including the building owner. It's quite a miracle.

Connie Homer, Vero Beach

Lower voter totals send a message about the candidates

Bravo. In your editorial board exposé of candidates for governance you expose their stigmata. The sparsity of voters today is indicative of "Why vote for either loser?" The power should rest in the people. We run a conundrum of abandonment of our Constitution. The people "between a rock and a hard place" surrender their burden of governance.

For millennium humanity has spawn leaders and followers. Veracity in 21st century media is that of the Twilight Zone. Will life on earth survive another "dog eat dog" episode?

Lowell Sasser, Fort Pierce  

Putin's actions may be despised but he was smart to act when he did

Recently, a rant was posted complaining about President Trump calling Putin fierce and smart.

The ex-president probably sees Putin in this way: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Trump does not "love" Putin, but is sage enough to keep close contact with him, so as to deal with or prevent his actions. To say that Putin is "fierce" refers to his military engagement tp annex Crimea and the Ukraine.

Both of these armed actions occurred under Democrat administrations.

Although Putin's actions are despised by almost all Americans, he was smart to act during the administration of Trump's predecessor and successor (whose actions were reminiscent of Wilson, FDR, and Chamberlain).

Even if you think President Trump's approach (which obviously worked for four years) is wrong, to cast all Republicans as lacking sense continues to widen the gap that the left has created.

John Cassidy, Sebastian

This article originally appeared on Treasure Coast Newspapers: Good service has a price tag; Putin's timing: Letters, Oct. 2, 2022


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