HoopsHype details how Rockets can steal James Harden away from Sixers


The Philadelphia 76ers have bigger issues at the moment as they continue with the 2022-23 season. Their focus is on moving forward and ensuring that they are in a position to contend for a title in 2023.

They have the talent to do so. Led by Joel Embiid, James Harden, and Tyrese Maxey now back from injury, they should be able to give anybody in the East a battle in order to make their first finals appearance since 2001.

However, there is one looming issue they will have to deal with and that is the status of Harden. Ever since the report that the future Hall of Famer is seriously considering a return to the Houston Rockets, there has been more fuel added to it from the likes of Stephen A. Smith and others.

Now, the folks over at HoopsHype and cap specialist Yossi Gozlan detail how the Rockets can steal Harden away from the Sixers in the offseason:

How the Rockets have the money

Per HoopsHype on how Houston will have the money to sign Harden:

The Rockets are ready to compete

While the Sixers are Harden's best chance at competing for a title, and the Rockets are far off from real championship contention, adding The Beard would be a needed step for them.

Per HoopsHype:

Is Harden pushing the Sixers to give him more money?

One major aspect to consider is that Harden did sign a 1+1 deal in the offseason and he took a py cut so the Sixers could make moves in free agency. Maybe this is his way of leveraging more money from the organization.

HoopsHype adds:

The ramifications of Harden walking in free agency

HoopsHype puts it as:

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire


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