How often are flights delayed at Lexington, Louisville airports? See latest travel report

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  • 2022-09-26 17:37:03Z
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The majority of departures from Blue Grass Airport (LEX) and Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF) ran on time in July, according to a new federal report, despite industry-wide staffing and aircraft shortages.

Just over 81% of departures from LEX were on time in July, according to the federal Office of Aviation Consumer Protection's latest Air Travel Consumer Report. The report considered a flight "on-time" if it operated within 15 minutes of its scheduled time.

It said 81.2% of departures from LEX were on time in July, while 76.6% of arrivals to the airport were on time. The airport reported 687 arrivals and 686 departures in July.

SDF had an on-time arrival rate of 68.1%, and 76.2% of departures from SDF were on time. SDF reported 1,953 arrivals and 1,951 departures in July.

Which airline has the highest rate of on-time arrivals?

LEX offers flights through American Airlines, Delta and United. Here's how the airlines stacked up for on-time arrivals in the Office of Aviation Consumer Protection's report:

  1. Alaska Airlines Network (82.6% on-time arrival rate)

  2. Hawaiian Airlines (80.7%)

  3. Delta Air Lines Network (80%)

  4. Spirit Airlines (78.8%)

  5. United Airlines Network (78.4%)

  6. American Airlines Network (72.7%)

  7. Frontier Airlines (72.5%)

  8. Southwest Airlines (69.1%)

  9. JetBlue Airways (67.4%)

  10. Allegiant Air (60.9%)

The networks include branded codeshare partners.

While American Airlines Network was closer to the middle of the ranking for on-time arrivals, the carrier came in last place for the rate of bags mishandled. Here's the baggage handling ranking, from the lowest portion of bags mishandled to the highest:

  1. Allegiant Air (0.17 bags mishandled per 100 enplaned)

  2. Hawaiian Airlines (0.28)

  3. Frontier Airlines (0.44)

  4. Delta Air Lines Network (0.48)

  5. Spirit Airlines (0.53)

  6. Southwest Airlines (0.59)

  7. Alaska Airlines Network (0.6)

  8. United Airlines Network (0.62)

  9. JetBlue Airways (0.69)

  10. American Airlines Network (0.95)

Ways to avoid travel delays at airports

Travel company AAA offers tips to travelers on how to avoid flight delays. Best practices include booking flights departing earlier in the day, giving yourself ample time (at least an hour) to make connections and planning to arrive at your destination earlier than necessary in case you are delayed.

Airports tend to be less busy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, AAA says, so it may help to book travel on those days if it works with your schedule.

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