"I Was Gone The Next Day": People Are Revealing The Job They Quit The Fastest, And Honestly, I'm Proud Of Them

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Ever start a new job and quickly realize that it's just not gonna work for you? Recently u/candycane147 asked the people of Reddit to share which job they quit the fastest, and TBH, I completely understand why each of these people got out as fast as they could. Here are some of the top comments:

1."Dunkin Donuts. A customer threw their donuts and hot coffee at me (I dodged). My manager apologized to them and gave them a discount. Couldn't leave that job fast enough."

woman holding donuts and coffee
woman holding donuts and coffee  

2."I was 18 and fresh out of high school. The interview went well, lots of promises for 'growth and earning potential.' The guy offered me the job, and we had a genuinely nice conversation. I showed up at the agreed upon time the next morning and the guy is standing outside next to his car. He tells me to jump in. I asked where we where going. He simply said, 'The job site.'"

"I then realized that I had no idea what the job I'd taken actually was. I refused his ride as I started getting the feeling I'd been had.

So, I follow him, driving for about 20 minutes. We pull into a Best Buy. I park next to him and ask why we are here. He tells me this is where we work. That's odd. I didn't know I'd be working at Best Buy.

We walk in, he grabs a clipboard, and says, 'Follow me.' I follow him around as he corners people trying to sell them DirecTV. He now hands me the clipboard and points to a couple shopping and says, 'Go sell!' I asked him if it ever worked. He said, 'If you want it bad enough you can sell anything!'

I handed him the clipboard, thanked him for wasting my time, and walked out the door. Total Time: Less than an hour."


3."I stayed three days at a place where the interviewer/supervisor said I would not have to answer phones. Guess what? That was actually 95% of the job."

NBC / Via giphy.com


4."Toys R' Us. I needed a part-time job, and they sent me home early on my first day because they hadn't met the sales goals for the previous day. They told me they didn't make enough to pay me. I asked them if money was that tight, then why did they post that job and hire me? I quit on the spot. The store isn't even there anymore, but it closed a while before the company itself fell apart."


5."I was a bartender. EVERY glass behind the bar - even straight out of the washing machine, was filthy. The bartender training me was like, 'Yeah that's just the way it is.' I went into the kitchen and saw that they were using bread that had been out to tables already to just rebuild bread baskets for new customers. Didn't matter that the bread had been touched and picked through."

dirty glasses on a bar
dirty glasses on a bar  

6."I worked as a cashier for three weeks when I was 18. That was over 20 years ago and it scarred me so much, I will never work retail again. I saw a side of humanity I never knew existed."


7."I was 3rd string Quality Assurance for a bank's mortgage branch. So what that means is I call people, and ask them to verify their personal information for the THIRD time in order to confirm the first two people got it right. My day involved a lot of people yelling at me for my job being a pointless waste of time. I agreed."

NBC / Via giphy.com

"When my manager informed me he'd been doing it for two years and did the same thing as me despite being the manager, I noped out of there real fast. Went back to being a teacher's aide at a special needs school."


8."Not me, but a buddy of mine got a job blowing insulation into attics in commercial buildings. It was mid-July in the Midwest, so the attics were like 105 degrees. Buddy shows up and is told he'd be getting paid $14 an hour instead of the $19 that was agreed upon. He didn't come back after lunch on day one."


9."I was hired on the spot to be a receptionist for an optometrist. The first day, I realized that the two other women I worked with looked very similar to me - slim, brunette, under 25. The manager was the optometrist's 40-year-old son. He seemed to have fallen into that job and really let the power go to his head."

male colleague making a woman uncomfortable by rubbing her shoulders
male colleague making a woman uncomfortable by rubbing her shoulders  

10."I was 19, in college. I responded to an ad that said, 'Make $1800+ per week. Fun and exciting. No experience required. We will train.' Went to three separate interviews in a fancy office. For the third interview, they told me to wear a suit. They told me how much they liked me and that not many people make it to the third interview."

"Nailed the interview and got the job. Must wear a suit. I thought this was an important job.

Day 1. We meet in a warehouse. Everyone is dressed in business attire. Suddenly they start shouting and chanting. It's their morning hype routine. They're now practicing their sales pitches. I still don't know what my job is at this point.

We break into groups of five with one team leader. We're going to meet at a different location but we're told to leave our cars here. We can ride with our team leader.

They drove us 40 miles away to a shopping center. I still don't know wtf is going on. We start walking and go right into a barber shop. The team leader busts out some Mountain Mike's pizza coupons and starts making his pitch. 'Do you like pizza?' Blah Blah Blah. $20 to buy this coupon book. It contains 20 free pizzas. Buy one pizza get one free.

It still doesn't click. Why is our team leader trying to sell a Mountain Mike's coupon book to this barber shop owner? We continue to the next shop. Again, he repeats his pitch. The four of us new guys follow along until he finishes the entire strip. He sold one coupon.

We go back to his car where he pops the trunk and hands us five coupons each. He brings out a map of the city and tells us which blocks we are going to go through and to knock on doors and try to sell these coupons.

It finally hit me. We're door to door salesmen and these coupons are our product. Zero pay. Commission only. We get to keep $7 per coupon sold. We're 40 miles away from my car so I can't leave. I might as well try my luck and knocked on doors for 10 hrs. I'm exhausted and managed to sell one coupon, earning $7 for the day.

No call, no show for me. I was gone the next day and didn't answer their calls."


11."Graveyard shift at a 7-11 in a seedy neighborhood. Lasted one night. It was a store full of nope, especially at 3 a.m."

Nickelodeon / Via giphy.com


12."I was a line cook for a long time and the beauty of that is you're not married to any one restaurant. At the time I was single, not getting benefits, the pay is about the same, and everybody was hiring so your bullshit tolerance was allowed to be quite low. I worked at one place where the head chef was just a dick. I had worked 10 days in a row because of a callouts and finally had a Saturday off."

"Phone rang early in the morning and I picked it up...that was my mistake. Somebody's grandmother died for the fourth time so he needed me. I was livid, but money is money and went in.

No 'thanks for helping me out.' He just acted like it was expected and started barking orders at me while he sat out in the dining room drinking coffee with the servers.

No. If you're claiming to be shorthanded, you don't get to do that stuff. I didn't come in to make your day easier. Took off my apron, said see you later and that was that. Got a job at another restaurant a couple days later."


13."I worked at a movie theater for about four hours. I quit when someone threw a drink at me because it wasn't 'carbonated enough.'"

movie theater employee scooping popcorn
movie theater employee scooping popcorn  

14."Worked at a Dollar General for two days. On my last day, a lady drops a jar of pickles and the manager wants me to clean it up. I go find the mop. Inside, the bucket is filled with what looks like vomit that must have been cleaned up weeks prior. I find no soap and no place to empty and refill the bucket. So I go ask the manager where to refill it. She gets annoyed, tells me there is nothing wrong with the water already in it. 'I've been using it for weeks like that.' Nah, I quit."


15."Worked at a mayonnaise factory and realized I couldn't stand the smell. Not the most fun day I've had."

Prime Video / Via giphy.com


16."I quit a job at The City - Circuit City's failed attempt to remain relevant and, y'know, in business - the day I received my first weekly schedule. I was in college at the time. I had been very specific in the interview that my education would be my priority at all times. I had provided my availability, complete with leeway necessary to make the drive between work and school should the need arise."

"The first schedule had me set to work during class - outside my availability - twice in the first week. I called the manager to get this addressed and was told that they would fix it for the next week but that I should go ahead and show up for these shifts or else I would give the appearance that this job was not my priority.

I reminded them it wasn't my priority, and quit."


17."I stocked grocery shelves at night the summer I graduated from high school. It was a 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. shift. I hated it right away, and my back hurt like hell. The folks I worked with were like no other people I had met, the sort that only come out at night. It was also weird watching everyone drive to work as I was driving home, and trying to fall asleep at 7 in the morning. I quit in under two weeks."

man restocking produce at the grocery store
man restocking produce at the grocery store  

18."Kids' soccer referee. The parents were just horrible. These kids were 6- to 8-years-old, they're not coordinated and they trip over each other constantly; but the parents would scream at me every time they fell over or kicked the ball at the kid picking flowers. I think I lasted three games."


19.And finally, "I was a debt collector for a couple of months. I had no knowledge how debt collection worked prior to starting this job and to this day am shocked that it is legal. Whenever you default on a loan and it goes to a third party debt collection agency, your debt is bought and sold for pennies on the dollar."

Starz / Via giphy.com

"On the screen when I would collect a debt, I would see a percentage of the total amount they owed that would indicate the absolute lowest I could settle their account for. However, most agents would never go that low because we would get commission on all of the debt we settled over that amount.

That's right, we would get commission on debt we collected from people who were unable to pay and were incentivized to make them pay more than they actually had to pay.

I remember during my first week I was trying to collect on an account that was owed by a guy who lost everything because he had cancer and my heart dropped and I told him he owed the lowest amount I could settle the account for. I was written up the same day by my boss because I didn't try to get him to pay more.

Anyways, I made it a little over a month with that company and most of that was spent in training. Fuck that place."


What's the fastest you've ever quit a job and why? Sound off in the comments!


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