Leaked list reveals Brexiteers and Tory donors due to get peerages

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  • 2022-10-06 20:47:57Z
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Paul Dacre, Sir Michael Hintze and Stewart Jackson are all in line for peerages - Nicholas Razzell/Facebook
Paul Dacre, Sir Michael Hintze and Stewart Jackson are all in line for peerages - Nicholas Razzell/Facebook  

Brexit-backing Conservatives who supported Boris Johnson will be appointed to the House of Lords within days to reduce the chances of Tory legislation being defeated.

The Telegraph can reveal the full list of political peerages that is on the brink of being announced by Downing Street, subject to last-minute tweaks.

There are 15 Conservatives on the current list to become new peers, more than all the other political parties combined. Labour is due to get just eight new Lords.

Paul Dacre, the former Daily Mail editor, is set to become a Tory peer. He had been lined up by Mr Johnson for the chairman of the media regulator Ofcom, but the move fell through.

Sir Michael Hintze, the businessman and Conservative donor, is also in line to be elevated. He has given £4.7 million in donations, according to the Electoral Commission database.

Andrew Roberts, the historian who has written positively about Mr Johnson, and Tony Sewell, who investigated ethnic disparities for the Prime Minister, will get peerages.

There are also five former Tory MPs on the list - Stewart Jackson, Sir Hugo Swire, Angie Bray, Graham Evans and Sir Nicholas Soames.

Mr Jackson was a minister in the Brexit department and then served as chief of staff to David Davis, the former Brexit secretary.

Sir Nicholas, the grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, is a notable exception in a list heavy with supporters of leaving the European Union. He was a fierce critic and was stripped of the Tory whip by Mr Johnson because of it.

Others names on the list include prominent Conservative thinkers such as Sheila Lawlor, the director of Politeia, and Ruth Lea, the economist and former civil servant.

Kate Lampard, the chairman of GambleAware, Dambisa Moyo, the economist and author, and Teresa O'Neill, Tory leader of Bexley Council, are also in line to become Lords.

Dominic Johnson, the investor who set up Somerset Capital Management with Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Business Secretary, will get a peerage to become a trade minister.

The list of political peerages was drawn up by Mr Johnson and his team when they were in Downing Street and has been scrutinised for months by an oversight body.

It is different to the list of resignation honours that Mr Johnson drew up when he was ousted as Prime Minister. That is weeks or even months away from publication.

A number of Tories who had been on Mr Johnson's peerage list have been removed since Liz Truss took office last month. It is unclear why. More last-minute changes could be yet to be made.

The announcements are expected to be made public within days, possibly before Parliament regathers on Tuesday after a recess for the annual party conferences.

By electing more Tory peers than other political parties, Downing Street will make it easier to pass legislation in the Lords, where the Conservatives do not have an overall majority.

Legislation such as the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill, which gives ministers powers to unilaterally suspend aspects of the Brexit deal, is at risk from being changed by opposition amendments.

Labour's peerages, proposed by the party leader Sir Keir Starmer, see moderates rewards.

Tom Watson, the former Labour deputy leader who battled Jeremy Corbyn, is set to become a Lord. So too is Ruth Smeeth, a former Labour MP who suffered anti-Semitic abuse.

Tom Watson is one of the Labour figures set to elevated to the House of Lords - Toby Melville/Reuters
Tom Watson is one of the Labour figures set to elevated to the House of Lords - Toby Melville/Reuters  

Frances O'Grady, the general secretary of the Trades Union Congress, and David Prentis former general secretary of Unison, will get peerages.

Both are seen as broadly supportive of Sir Keir's agenda. Ms O'Grady will only join the Lords once she completes her tenure at the TUC.

Also on the list are Kuldip Sahota, the Labour councillor; Sharon Taylor, the leader of Stevenage Borough Council; Sonny Leong, the co-founder and co-chairman for SME for Labour; and Fiona Twycross, the London deputy mayor for fire and resilience.

Arlene Foster, the former first minister of Northern Ireland, is down to become a non-affiliated peer. Christopher Moran, the businessman and former Tory donor, will sit for the DUP.

The Liberal Democrats are expected to get no new peers.


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