Letter to the editor: Criminals allowed out of jail are responsible for daily gun violence

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  • 2022-07-03 10:10:05Z
  • By Akron Beacon Journal

Legal, reasonable gun owners not problem

Those who want to roll back my constitutional gun rights cite gun violence as reasons but fail to blame the major causes: criminals, illegal guns and liberal district attorneys' soft-on-crime policies The fact is, the millions of reasonable, legal gun owners, including myself, are not the reason for gun violence.

Look at Chicago as but one example of "war zones" in Democratic cities with skyrocketing gun violence and innocent people caught in the crossfire. In late June, a baby in the back seat was killed as shots went through the car. Where's the liberal outrage? This is by far the larger gun violence crisis in this country.

Buying my "legal" guns, I was put through background checks every time. Americans have the right to self-defense of themselves and family! The progressive policies are a real cause of gun violence as Dem district attorneys slap violent criminals on the hand and release them back on the streets. Sadly, there are numerous examples of criminals picking up a gun again and killing - as with the two California police officers who died during a shootout with a recently released felon in June.

The coddling of criminals and defunding the police must end. Then we will truly be addressing gun violence.

Michael Anderson, Barberton

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: Reduce gun violence by keeping dangerous criminals in jail


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