Letters: Centre County Greens offer endorsements; Don't be fooled by Oz's cheap shots

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  • 2022-10-03 11:00:00Z
  • By State College Centre Daily Times

Centre County Greens offer endorsements

The Centre County Green Party has endorsed the campaign of Robert Zeigler for State Representative in the 171st District. This progressive Democrat holds positions that we wholeheartedly support without reservation, and would be a shining light for his colleagues in Harrisburg if elected.

The Green Party of Pennsylvania has a platform that, as Zeigler has shown in action as well as in speech, will transition the commonwealth to 100% clean energy that sufficiently meets demand. Our Green New Deal also demands the a just transition for workers and families, including Medicare for All as part of an Economic Bill of Rights.

Other Green positions include adopting an equitable tax code that closes corporate tax evasion loopholes. In terms of criminal justice reform, we would end cash bail, decriminalize marijuana, and reduce incarceration and recidivism. Our candidates would pass a gift ban to prevent legislators from taking lobbyist cash, ad nauseam. We demand ranked choice voting, equitable ballot access and proportional representation with multi-member districts for legislative offices.

The Greens like other Democrats running for seats in Centre County although we differ on some issues. I hope readers will consider voting for our statewide slate of candidates. Christina "PK" DiGiulio, a pipeline activist and analytical chemist, is running for Pennsylvania Governor. Michael Bagdes-Canning, who is mayor of his town in Butler County and a retired teacher, seeks to be Lieutenant Governor. Richard L. Weiss is a Pittsburgh lawyer hoping to be your U.S. Senator.

Douglas M. Mason, Port Matilda. The author is the chair of the Centre County Green Party.

Don't be fooled by Oz's cheap shots

The MAGA Republican campaign for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania is ugly. Mehmet Oz attacks John Fetterman, but provides no agenda of his own.

Oz claims that, "Fetterman wants to release one-third of prisoners and eliminate life sentences for murderers," and is "dangerously liberal on crime." His spokesman says, "Fetterman is the most pro-murderer candidate in America." What?!

Alarming statements, for sure, but false on substance and implications. Fetterman doesn't support releasing a third of prisoners. Yes, as Lieutenant Governor Fetterman worked for criminal justice reform, recommending clemency and, in exceptional cases, the release of some inmates serving life sentences, all model prisoners commuted unanimously by the Board of Pardons.

Pennsylvania is a cruel outlier: a life sentence here automatically means life without the possibility of parole, even for second-degree murder, which only requires involvement in a crime where someone dies.

What is wrong with working to correct injustices, to free people who deserve release?

Contrary to partisan fearmongering, crime hasn't increased with these careful and compassionate commutations. The recent murder spike is a national problem; it's not unique to Pennsylvania. Republicans don't want to acknowledge that murder is actually more prevalent in red states than blue states.

While Fetterman works for a more effective and equitable criminal justice system that ensures that truly serious crimes receive serious punishment, how will Oz reduce crime? Who knows? He hasn't articulated clear positions on much of anything.

Don't be fooled by Oz's cheap shots. Support John Fetterman.

Claudia Wilson, Bellefonte


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