Michael Cohen says the Supreme Court would reveal its corruption if it agrees to intervene in Trump's dispute with the FBI over the seized Mar-a-Lago files

  • Michael Cohen said SCOTUS would reveal its corruption if it took up Trump's case.

  • Trump asked SCOTUS to intervene in his dispute with the FBI over documents seized from Mar-a-Lago.

  • Cohen added that if the Supreme Court intervenes, the justices on the bench would "have to go."

Michael Cohen, who was once Donald Trump's lawyer and fixer, believes the Supreme Court would reveal its corruption if it gets involved in the former president's legal tussle with the FBI over top-secret documents found at Mar-a-Lago.

Cohen commented in a TikTok video on Tuesday about Trump's request for the Supreme Court to intervene in his dispute with the FBI over the seizure of more than 11,000 records from Mar-a-Lago. The remarks came after the US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit overturned Judge Aileen Cannon's decision to include around 100 classified documents in the special master's review, pausing their use in the criminal investigation.

Trump is now attempting to get the Supreme Court to keep these documents under the purview of the special master.

"Delay, delay, delay, that's what he's gonna do," said Cohen, referring to Trump. "This is exactly what he does in every single case. He will drag it now as far as he possibly could."

In September, Cohen admitted that he had helped Trump create a "playbook" for dealing with legal troubles, which included delaying lawsuits as a tactic for avoiding prosecution.

Cohen said that Trump's request to the Supreme Court was his "only move" but also weighed in on what could happen with the court's decision.


"If the Supreme Court ends up listening to this bullshit, the fact that this fucking asshole can have top-secret documents, which is in violation of the Presidential Records Act, as well as the National Archives with their multiple subpoenas, requests, and so on for the return of the documents, we'll know that the fucking Supreme Court is corrupt," Cohen said on Tuesday.

He added that if the Supreme Court intervened and took Trump's side, all the justices on the bench would "have to go."

A spokesperson for Trump's post-presidential office did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

The Department of Justice has been looking into whether Trump broke any of three federal laws - including the Espionage Act - by keeping classified documents at his Florida residence.

In 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to felonies, including tax evasion, campaign finance violations, and bank fraud. He was sentenced in December that year to three years in prison and was disbarred in February 2019 by the New York Supreme Court.

Since his release, Cohen has become an outspoken Trump critic and has gleefully weighed in on the former president's many legal troubles. In September, he also announced that he would be selling t-shirts that depicted Trump behind bars to "celebrate the fall of the mango Mussolini."


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