Nearly 100 rattlesnakes removed from underneath California home


Director of Sonoma County Reptile Rescue Al Wolf discovered nearly 100 rattlesnakes underneath a Santa Rosa, California, home this month.

It was the first time he had seen so many rattlesnakes in one residence in over 30 years of leading the nonprofit organization, Wolf said, according to the Press Democrat.


Seeing so many young rattlesnakes is what "makes it so outstanding," said Wolf, who was called to the home with a report about the reptiles underneath the building.

The quantity of snakes under the home is likely due to it being in such a rocky area, Wolf said.

Wolf said he takes the snakes and brings them to areas where they are welcome. "I go to specific areas where people request them and give them a new home."

There were a total of 22 adult rattlesnakes and 59 babies under the home, Sonoma County Reptile Rescue said in a Facebook post on Oct. 2. Wolf said he pulled 11 additional rattlesnakes while making subsequent trips to the home.

He compared grabbing the snakes to petting a dog. "Some you go up and pet. Some you can't," Wolf explained.

The Sonoma County Reptile Rescue posted pictures of the snakes on Facebook.

Wolf advises residents who see a snake to stay calm and contact Sonoma County Reptile Rescue or Sonoma County Animal Control.

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