Ukrainian Armed Forces sink Russian barge carrying military equipment and personnel Operational Command Pivden (South)


SUNDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER 2022, 02:33

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have sunk a Russian barge carrying military personnel and equipment.

Source: Operational Command Pivden (South) on Facebook

Quote: "[Ukrainian forces] have established fire control over the enemy's transport routes, logistical hubs, manoeuvres and redeployment, bases and command points. As a result, the occupiers' plans to restore the capacity of the Antonivka rail bridge, which they were trying to repair, have been thwarted.

[Ukrainian forces] also destroyed one ship from [Russia's] alternative fleet: a barge which the occupiers were using to transport weapons and equipment. The vessel, now with several holes in it, and all of the equipment and personnel on its board, was sent along the same course as the infamous Russian warship [a reference to 'Russian warship, go f*** yourself'; that was the reply of Ukrainian border guards who defended Zmiinyi (Snake) Island, when Russian Black Sea Fleet vessel ordered them to surrender - ed.]."

Details: The Operational Command reports that Russia's confirmed losses amounted to 62 military personnel and five armoured vehicles.

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