Ohio Supreme Court strikes down GOP-drawn congressional map

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  • 2022-01-14 17:36:53Z
  • By Axios

The Ohio Supreme Court has once again struck down a Republican-drawn legislative map for gerrymandering, this time for congressional districts.

Why it matters: Friday's decision invalidates a congressional map approved by Republican lawmakers last November.

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  • The ruling was 4-3, with Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor - a Republican - siding with the court's three Democrats in finding the map unconstitutional.

State of play: The court found the map "unduly favors" Republican candidates in part by gerrymandering certain counties into separate districts to benefit the GOP.

  • Analysis showed the map could have given Republicans up to a 13-2 advantage, or 87% of the seats in play, despite winning 56% of the statewide vote in recent election cycles.

What's next: State lawmakers are ordered to draw a new map.

  • The map needs bipartisan support to be in effect for a full 10 years.

  • Otherwise, with only support from the Republicans, it will be in place for four years.

The big picture: Ohio Republicans tried, but failed, to achieve state and federal legislative maps that would give their party an advantage in the years to come.

  • Checks and balances set up in the 2015 and 2018 redistricting reforms passed by voters prevented this from happening.


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Ohio Supreme Court invalidates GOP-approved congressional map
Ohio Supreme Court invalidates GOP-approved congressional map 'infused with undue partisan bias'

The Ohio Supreme Court rejected a congressional map drawn by GOP lawmakers to favor Republicans, calling it a partisan gerrymander.

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