Omicron's spread | 50K school children have tested positive


Omicron could be more contagious, less dangerous

The omicron variant of the coronavirus may be far more contagious than other variants, but the good news is it may cause milder symptoms, according to early reports from South Africa.

As of Monday, the omicron variant has been detected in more than 38 countries and one-third of U.S. states.

Read about the risk of reinfection and more in the full story.

Omicron in the U.S.: What you need to know about the variant

For subscribers: Here's what US labs are doing to track omicron cases and stop its spread

More than 50,000 school children have tested positive for COVID-19 this semester

This week, Indiana saw the highest number of newly-reported COVID-19 cases in schools since mid-September. This spike goes along with a rise in cases across Indiana. Last week, the state saw the highest number of new cases added to the state's dashboard in a single day since early January.

See the percentage of children who have received at least one shot and learn more in Arika Herron's full story.

Vaccinated people who get COVID are infectious for a shorter time, study finds

Vaccinated people may spread the virus less than the unvaccinated because they don't shed the virus for as long, according to new research into breakthrough infections.

The vaccinated people who got COVID-19 cleared the virus from their systems on average in 5½ days, Elizabeth Weise writes. The unvaccinated took 7½ days.

And an interesting fact about the study: it used NBA players. Read more in Elizabeth's full story.

Indiana COVID statistics

Here are the latest numbers of fully vaccinated Hoosiers, how many were vaccinated in the last 24 hours, COVID-19 cases and deaths reported by the state health department. View detailed maps and track cases across the U.S. here.

  • Total of fully vaccinated Hoosiers: 3,404,713

  • Fully vaccinated in past two weeks: 27,266

  • Fully vaccinated in last 24 hours: 2,130

  • New cases reported today: 3,481

  • New deaths reported today: 41

  • Total cases: 1,061,791

  • Total deaths: 16,618

Testing: How to get tested for COVID-19 in Indiana

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Wash your hands and get vaccinated,

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This article originally appeared on Indianapolis Star: Omicron's spread | 50K school children have tested positive


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