Roman/Iron Age anchor found at windfarm on display in Ipswich

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  • 2022-09-26 05:05:56Z
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Wrought iron anchor being lifted from the sea
Wrought iron anchor being lifted from the sea  

An "incredibly rare" Roman/Iron Age wrought iron anchor found at an offshore windfarm is going on display for one day only.

It is believed to be Roman or late Iron Age, somewhere between 1,600-2,000 years old, and was found off the Suffolk coast in 2018.

It was discovered during survey work on the East Anglia One windfarm.

It will be on show for the first time at Ipswich Museum on Tuesday, before it is moved for further analysis work.

After its discovery, the anchor was protected by an exclusion zone installed on the seabed during construction work on the wind turbines.

Measuring two metres (6.5ft) long and weighing around 100kg (220lbs), the anchor was recovered from the North Sea in 2021.

Once the analysis and conservations works are complete, the anchor will go on permanent display in conjunction with Colchester and Ipswich Museums.

Although it has yet to be dated more precisely, archaeologists said there were several features that suggested it could come from the Imperial Roman period.

If confirmed, it would provide evidence of ancient Romans seafaring and trading in the southern North Sea, off the coast of the East of England.

The Imperial Roman period lasted from about 27BC to the late 3rd and 4th Century when the empire expanded, especially to the west.

In 54-55BC Julius Caesar tried to invade Britannia, but failed, and then in AD43 the Roman army landed in Kent and began to conquer what is now England and Wales.

Experts said it was an "incredibly rare, distinctive" anchor and was estimated to have come from a 500-600 tonne vessel.

Scottish Power Renewables, which built the windfarm, said it made other finds during the work including a missing German submarine from World War One and an ancient wild cattle skull, which has been radiocarbon-dated to more than 6,000 years old.

The East Anglia One windfarm is located around 40km (25 miles) off the coast of Suffolk and will have 102 turbines when finished.

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    1. 可以引進自然光線但同時又有遮蔽的功能(就像外國人都喜歡沐浴在陽光裡的那樣舒服)
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