Russians turn river into swamp in Mariupol, there is stench in city


Another environmental problem has appeared in temporarily occupied Mariupol: the local river is turning into a swamp due to the actions of the Russian invaders.

It is reported by Petro Andriushchenko, Advisor to the Mayor of Mariupol, on Telegram

As Andriushchenko states, the occupiers in Mariupol dismantled an artificial hydraulic structure in the area of the bridge over the Kalchik River on Makara Mazaia Street, built about 20 years ago. Its task was to ensure the appropriate water level and speed of the water flow in the river, which made it possible to avoid waterlogging of the Kalchik River in the city area.

"This dam was built 15-20 years ago during the construction of Extreme Park and the improvement of Luhopark. It is no longer in existence. But there are plenty of consequences," Andriushchenko emphasises.


As a result of the destruction of the mini-dam, the flow of the river slowed down and the reservoir acquired an unnatural colour. The Kalchik River turns into a swamp.

There is also a stench throughout the city in places where the river passes. Andriushchenko emphasises that the actions and consequences of the actions of the Russian occupiers are an environmental crime.


"The stench of festering is all along the entire course of the river in the city. Apart from the destruction of the natural water supply system of the city, the inflow of fresh water to Azov is reduced.

It is unknown why they did it. Perhaps these fools thought that there was also "Azov's headquarters", or perhaps they just had their fingers itching. But the fact remains. Everything that Russia touches in Mariupol turns into ashes and rot," the mayor's advisor emphasises.


The destruction of the mini-dam and the waterlogging of the river as a result of it are two of the many examples of ecocide committed by the Russians in Mariupol.

In May, it was reported that the city was threatened with an environmental disaster due to the decomposing bodies of the murdered residents, constant bombings, and huge amounts of rubbish and waste. Only in June, as the city council stated, Mariupol was flooded with mountains of uncollected rubbish, which was not going to be taken out until the end of winter.

The above-mentioned list of reasons, the heat and the lack of normal access to medicine in June led to the fact that every day, 10 to 15 local residents began to complain of symptoms of cholera and dysentery.

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