She was afraid to share the video. Now her daughter's manicure mishap is winning hearts

A spunky 3-year-old in Kentucky is drawing comparisons to the late comic actor Leslie Jordan with her hilarious reaction to a manicure mishap.

In a TikTok video that has been seen more than 6 million times, Adaline Catron is giving her mom, Kayla, a bright pink manicure. The fact that she's standing on a towel to catch drips is an indication of how it's going.

"Oops, you got it on my finger," Kayla says.

"I'm trying my best, honeeeeey!" Adaline exclaims in a thick southern drawl. The little girl then adjusts her pink glasses and grins. Her comedic timing is flawless.

"She reminds me of the actor Leslie Jordan. Sounds exactly like he would have said that," one person wrote in the comments.

Added another, "Fear not my friends!!! Leslie Jordan has been sent back to us."

Jordan died in a car crash in October 2022 at the age of 67. The Tennessee native won an Emmy for his role as sassy socialite Beverley Leslie in "Will & Grace," but he also found fame on social media with his hilarious and self-deprecating humor.

The openly gay star, who stood 4 feet, 11 inches, was beloved for being unapologetically himself.

Viral sensation Adaline Catron, 3, is reminding TikTokers of the late comic actor Leslie Jordan.
Viral sensation Adaline Catron, 3, is reminding TikTokers of the late comic actor Leslie Jordan.  

Kayla hopes her daughter, Adaline, who just turned 3 last month, will continue to spread joy like Jordan did.

"People are drawn to Addy," Kayla, 28, tells "She's sassy and opinionated - she's like an old soul. She'll just tell you how it is."

But Kayla says she hesitated to share Adaline with the world. Adaline has undeveloped optic nerves and is legally blind.

"When we're out, grown adults will come up and ask, 'What is wrong with her?' And 'Why do her eyes do that?'" Kayla reveals. "So I was worried to put her on the internet. My husband actually had to convince me. He was like, 'We need to do this. She's going to make people smile. They're going to love her.'"

Adaline's dad was right about that.

As one fan wrote on her manicure clip, "She's a Super Star already!!!!"

"I couldn't be more proud of her," Kayla tells "She really is a star."

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