Shein takes down product listing after TikTok user spots racy reflection on bottle cap



Shein recently took down a product listing after an eagle-eyed TikTok user noticed a racy reflection on the item's bottle cap.

TikTok user @addictedtothisstupidapp shared a screen shot of the listing in a now-viral clip, which has received over 255,000 likes and has been viewed over 6 million times since it was uploaded on Jan. 22.

The nine-second video highlights a listing for an "Empty Subpackage Bottle" worth 3.95 Australian dollars (approximately $2.76).

In the short clip, @addictedtothisstupidapp zooms in on the bottle's cap to show a photographer wearing an outfit that exposes their stomach.

"WHAT IS THIS SHEIN," the video's onscreen text says.

The TikTok user explained in one of their comments that the product's photographer was "a girl with a crop top on."

Some TikTok users commented on the post, sharing that they also saw the listing while browsing Shein's website.

"I just went on she in [sic] and it's actually true," one user wrote, while another jokingly said, "They was working from home."

However, it seems that Shein was quick enough to notice the blunder, as some users pointed out that the product is no longer available on its website.

Shein is no stranger to online attention and controversy.

In July 2020, the Chinese online fast fashion retailer publicly apologized after receiving backlash for a Buddhist swastika necklace on its website. Shein explained in a statement that the symbol they used was not a Nazi swastika that promotes anti-Semitism.

In June 2022, an American artist sued Shein for copyright infringement and demanded over $100 million in damages.



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