State Representative Proposes Bill to Make Minnesota a 'Trans Refuge' for Children

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  • 2023-02-04 14:25:23Z
  • By National Review

State representative Leigh Finke (D.) introduced a bill before the Minnesota Legislature this week that would turn the state into a "trans refuge" for children seeking gender-reassignment surgery.

The legislation "would make Minnesota into a trans refuge state by protecting trans people, their families and medical practitioners from the legal repercussions of traveling to Minnesota to receive gender-affirming care," Finke, the first openly transgender politician to serve in the state legislature, said.

Known as the Trans Refuge Bill, it is designed to alter Minnesota's child custody statutes adding new considerations such as access to gender reassignment surgery. The legislation would restrict the ability of Minnesota police to cooperate with another state's law enforcement authorities in child custody battles when the state does not offer protections for gender reassignment surgery.

"This need is desperate in my community. This is not a hypothetical scenario," Finke added. "There are gender-diverse people in Minnesota right now receiving gender-affirming care. More are fleeing their home states asking where they should turn."

The Trans Refuge Bill was condemned by Rebecca Delahunt, a public-policy director for the Minnesota Family Council. She argued that it "takes away custody from parents or guardians who deny their children access to gender-affirming health care."

The bill comes as neighboring states have begun enacting new laws that have made access to medical procedures for minors more difficult. Last Saturday, the Republican governor of Utah, Spencer Cox, banned access to gender reassignment surgeries, including puberty blockers and hormone therapy, for minors across the state.

"I don't understand what they are going through or why they feel the way they do. But I want them to live," Cox wrote. "And all the research shows that even a little acceptance and connection can reduce suicidality significantly."

Former president Donald Trump pledged last Tuesday to pass a law prohibiting "child sexual mutilation" across all 50 states were he to be re-elected in 2024.

"The left-wing gender insanity being pushed on our children is an act of child abuse - very simple," Trump said in a video address posted on Rumble.

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