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US voters
US voters  

President Biden delivered his 2023 State of the Union address on Tuesday - the annual speech in which the US president sets out his agenda and tries to sell his accomplishments to the public.

So what did Americans make of it?

Viewers around the country, with a range of political views, shared their candid thoughts with us as they tuned in.

While some said Mr Biden sounded measured and focused, others felt the speech fell flat in addressing big issues.

As for whether they wanted him to run for president again, there was unity across the aisle - but perhaps not the kind the president had hoped for...


The speech in 3 words: Hollow, hopeful, platitudes

I don't think that he was unconvincing, but there was nothing I heard in this speech that I believe would change anybody's mind about his presidency or his plans going forward. I really appreciated some aspects like discussion around the Inflation Reduction Act and infrastructure bill, and the support for Medicare and social security. Insulin caps, out of pocket expenses for seniors and all that are so important.

On a bit of a more personal note coming from someone who lives in Memphis - that was one of the most milquetoast responses to police violence and a murder by police that you could write up. More training and support staff for first responders is fine and all, but until we fundamentally restructure and regulate police, these things will keep happening.

I don't want him to run [for the presidency in 2024]. First, on principle I think that he's too old. He has not demonstrated a strong, cohesive agenda that resonates with any large percentage of the country except "vote blue, no matter who" Democrats. Of course, he would be less bad than Trump or DeSantis, but is that what we should hope for in a president?


The speech in 3 words: Missed the mark

It was a pretty rowdy crowd there tonight. They didn't sound especially united. What I heard was pretty random stuff from Mr Biden. Junk fees at resorts? I don't know that's ever been a critical worry for anyone. What I hear at work and in our community are concerns about inflation, drug overdoses, crime, and the escalating situation in Ukraine.

My first impression was that Mr Biden appeared a bit frail entering the chamber. I think the issue of advancing age may become a real liability if he decides to run again in 2024. I wouldn't be voting for him in the first place, but if I was a Democrat, I think I'd be looking for a younger, more coherent candidate. The world is a dangerous place right now and we need a president at the top of their game whatever political party they represent.


The speech in 3 words: Measured, bipartisan, focused

President Biden has accomplished quite a bit in his two years. The President inherited a country in the middle of a global pandemic and has successfully navigated the country out of it. He has been able to work across the aisle to accomplish goals. Looking at his record, the plan and strategy to improve the state of the country are clear.

President Biden has a special way of connecting to the regular person. His message was optimistic and strong. What this country has overcome is unifying. Right off the bat, he addressed a diverse collection of Americans and how his initiatives have helped them. And this is true, his achievements have helped a wide array of Americans.

While I believe he could successfully serve another term, I do not want him to run if the American people will not vote for him against a Republican nominee. Ultimately, he is past an acceptable age for a president by many Americans and that must be taken into account when deciding the Democratic nominee.


The speech in 3 words: Divisive, extremist, demoralising

The president painted a rosy picture of a country that has gone steeply downhill under his watch. Millions are suffering as a result of trillions in reckless spending rammed through Congress under his administration that has led to the worst inflation in decades, which disproportionately harms low-income Americans. He conveyed no coherent plan to address this issue, while brushing over topics where his administration has failed, and embarrassing himself on topics like the humanitarian border crisis that he has fuelled.

He peddled divisive anti-police rhetoric, dividing Americans by race. Does anyone in the US sincerely believe that we are less divided as a nation today than we were two years ago? I don't think so.

I would like him to run in 2024, but only because I think he would lose. He has a historically low approval rating and low enthusiasm within his own party.


The speech in 3 words: Effective, patriotic, poignant

I think Biden has accomplished more in two years than most presidents of recent years - the Infrastructure Deal, Chips deal, adding more jobs to the market and steering us through the pandemic. He was the perfect successor to the former president as he leads with actions over words, for the purpose of the American people, and with unity as the goal for the country. That said, I do not think he should run again. I believe he will be too old for a second term - as will Trump.

Biden's love for America and its people was palpable. I am impressed with his accomplishments to date. He had this ability to evoke a sense of patriotism within me.


The speech in 3 words: Misleading, empty, unbelievable

Biden was not convincing that he has a plan. Most of what he said was all smoke and mirrors. On the surface what he says sounds good, but very few or none of the things he says will actually come to fruition. Absolutely nothing has improved since he took office. Inflation, gas prices, cost of living have gone up post-pandemic and most Americans are not better off than they were two years ago.

His attempt to unify is a joke. He can't say he is unifying when he takes jabs at Republicans and President Trump. A unifier would just stick to their own plan and say what they would do to implement it.

I don't think he should run again. He shouldn't have run in 2020. He's not mentally fit to be president.


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